Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Here are some recent pictures of our girl. These are from Feb - early March 2015.

Muddy from splashing in backyard puddles!

MC received a Louisiana care package from her grandparents, so we all took the opportunity to dress-up in Mardi Gras attire.

Wearing her "silly hat" that was handmade by her aunt.

During a quick trip to Louisiana, MC had her first taste of Johnny's pizza. We were worried that she wouldn't come back home to North Carolina with us after she'd had that deliciousness!

First swim lesson!

Snow day selfie.

BD and MC were rough-housing in the den, and she requested to climb on his shoulders "like a cheerleader." (The next time she tried this stunt, she slipped and bashed her nose on the back of BD's head. Blood was everywhere. We thought she had broken her nose, but after 20 minutes of ice and cuddling with Mama, she was asking to "climb on Daddy" again. That's our tough girl!)

First picnic of the season! It was sunny and warm, but the ground was still too wet so we had to picnic on the driveway. I also discovered she's outgrown all of her sunhats, so this is one of mine cinched down on her head.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Winter Indoor Activities

In between playing in all the snow during the last few weeks of winter, we needed some indoor activities to keep us occupied in the house.

Some plastic mixing bowls, water, ice cubes, and a few measuring cups and wooden spoons is always a good way to fill that after nap/before supper time slot!

Pouring the water back and forth to all the bowls is so fun! Bonus points to this activity for keeping her entertained in the kitchen with me so I can cook supper with relatively few interruptions!

Happy girl!

We decided on a rainbow themed project to work on for St. Patrick's Day. I drew a rainbow on clear contact paper and taped it up sticky side out.

I cut up construction paper for her to match to the rainbow lines, and we used cotton balls for the clouds on the ends.

Here was the progress after her first session. We left it up, and she's worked on it intermittently over the last few weeks. It has also been a big hit with her friends when they've been here for play dates.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Conversations at 2.75

MC and I are sharing a snack, as we pass the bowl back and forth to each other...

MC: You doin' a great job sharin', Mama.


MC: I love you.
LA: I love you too, MC.
MC: I not talkin' to you, Mama. I talkin' to my water bottle.


MC: What you gonna do while I take my nap?
LA: I don't know. I might take a nap, too.
MC: No, you should do dishes.


BD hands MC a baby doll to hold while I rock her before bed one night...

MC: No, not Charlotte. She got boogies.
BD: Charlotte has boogies?
MC: Yep, I wipe 'em on her.


We are always reinforcing Piper's training and encouraging MC to participate with us.I think she might be learning the commands a little too well...

LA: Let's walk down and check the mail.
MC: I wanna do it all by myself! *starts walking down driveway*
LA: MC, the mail box is at the street, so I need to go with you. *starts walking down driveway*
MC: *turns around, holds palm up facing me* Stay, Mama. Stay. Good girl.


(This one isn't exactly a conversation, but I want it recorded, so I won't forget it!)

At night when I rock her before bed, I sing 3 or 4 songs out of a selection of about 10 that I know. I just sang whichever song I felt like singing until about six months ago, when she started requesting specific songs for me to sing. In the last month, she not only requests the songs, but now she usually sings along with me. She knows every word to every song. She has the sweetest voice I have ever heard; I could rock her and listen to her sing all night.


Looking at old pictures on my phone...

MC: Ohhhhhhh. Baby MC was so, so cute!


I love to listen to her toddler-ese. Right now, almost every question begins with "do you..." even if it makes no sense.

Do you windy outside? (Is it windy outside?)
Do you at Target? (Are we at Target?)
Do you Daddy coming home? (When is Daddy coming home?)

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

MC's First Concert

At the end of February, we took MC to her first live concert. One of her favorites, The Laurie Berkner Band, was performing in Raleigh.

Waiting patiently in the lobby for the doors to open.

She wanted a close up shot of Snow White on her necklace. (Love those sweet little fingers!)

Attempted family selfie in the auditorium.

It's time for Laurie to perform! The concert was fantastic; we all had a great time! The band was really interactive with the audience and kept everyone entertained. They played all our favorites, plus a few new-to-us songs.

Laurie's got a pig on her head! And she keeps it there all day!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Snow Days 2015

Up until the last two weeks of February we hadn't had any measurable amount of snow, and then we had three snow storms before March 1st!

One storm dropped about 7" of snow at our house, and we had so much fun playing in it!

BD was working from home, but he couldn't resist taking a little time out of his work day to come out and play with us.

A science experiment: how does the snow taste? Cold and crunchy!

Making snow angels - just like we read about Peter doing in A Snowy Day!

She loved the sled, as long as it was pulled by someone - she did not like riding down the driveway by herself. BD and I both made many trips pulling the sled down our street to the stop sign and back!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Piper - What Is She??

When we adopted Piper, the rescue had her listed as a Border Collie/Husky mix. Every time I told people Border Collie mix, I got some version of this reaction: "Uh oh, you're going to have your hands full!" So I started doing a little research and read that along with being one of the smartest breeds, Border Collies are also one of the most often misidentified breeds. After watching this cute video we decided to have her DNA tested.

It was a quick 2 swabs of her cheek with a special q-tip thing, and then a couple of weeks before we got her results back.

Say Hello to Piper, the Husky-Malamute-Terrier-Spaniel mix!! We are calling her a HMTS (hum-tiss) for short. :)

They analyze three full generations of her DNA. Out of 8 great-grandparents, 3 were Siberian Husky and 1 was Alaskan Malamute. The rest of her ancestors were mixed breed, with Airedale Terrier and Field Spaniel being the strongest statistical likelihood. Additional breeds that may have contributed were listed as Boykin Spaniel, German Spitz, and Toy Fox Terrier, although those were at a lower detection threshold. Her predicted adult weight was 30-48 lbs (an admittedly wide range).

So there you have it! No Border Collie detected at all! Just a plain ol' HMTS.

BD and I were both surprised that she has that much Husky in her, because the Huskies we have seen have all been relatively large dogs. Piper is pretty small (currently around 30 lbs), and we're not really expecting her to get a lot bigger at this point. But it turns out that the small end of the Husky size range is 21" and 34 lbs, and I guess mixed with the smaller terrier/spaniel DNA, has resulted in our small, spunky girl!

When we found Kip as a puppy, our vet in Louisiana took one look at him and said he was a German Shepherd and Treeing Walker Coon Hound mix. We did a little bit of research and, judging by the pictures and the breeds' characteristic descriptions, that was exactly what he looked and acted like.We never thought twice about it; he was always a Shepherd/Hound mix to us. I do still think that was the majority of his genetic makeup, but now I'm wondering what else was floating around in there??!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Conversations at 2.5

MC, watching me put on makeup: I try-on your makeup?
LA: No, not today. We have to leave in just a few minutes for music class.
MC: Daddy wear your makeup?
LA: No, Daddy doesn't wear makeup.
MC: Why Daddy not wear makeup?
LA: Well, Daddy chooses not to wear makeup.
MC: Oh, Daddy like him face plain.


MC and BD are playing salon - she has a big tupperware bowl that she's using to "wash" his hair. I come in the room, so I'm the next client in her salon. I lie down and put my head in the bowl.

MC: Oh my gosh! You have a lot of hair!


The moment I realize I may have taken the monogramming habit a little too far:

MC, looking down at her shirt: Oh no!! There's no M on here!