Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Walt Disney World 2014 (Part 2)

We spent one day at the Animal Kingdom. There were lots of interesting animals to look at throughout the park.

On the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail, we spent some time watching and learning about the 4 male Silverback gorillas that live in the enclosure. MC was really interested in them stripping leaves off of branches to eat.

On the Kilimanjaro Safari we saw lots of African animals in their "natural" habitat. Our favorite was this lazy lion - can you see him sleeping on top of the rock? MC said, "Wake up, lion!" as we rode past him.

BD and I took turns riding the Expedition Everest roller coaster - highly recommended for any fellow coaster enthusiasts!

We stayed at the Saratoga Springs Resort near the Downtown Disney area of WDW. The resort had tons of family friendly activities throughout the day. One evening after spending the afternoon at the pool, we went over to the main building where they were set up for roasting marshmallows around a campfire.

MC wasn't quite sure what to think at on a stick and then you purposely burn it in a fire?

But she got on-board with the idea pretty quickly, once we convinced her to give it a try!

Another day at Magic Kingdom - we took advantage of the overcast sky to get an "official" castle picture...featuring the Serious Toddler Face.

Riding the Magic Teacups - another one that we rode multiple times.

BD had to keep his hand on the wheel or she would get us spinning really fast!

We took one day off from the parks and spent some time exploring Downtown Disney. And found another carousel, of course!

Ice cream brownie sundae at the Ghirardelli Chocolate Shop - the perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon at WDW!

One final family shot on our last day at Magic Kingdom. WDW 2014 is a wrap! We had such a fantastic time on our first family WDW trip!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Walt Disney World 2014 (Part 1)

We took MC on her first trip to Disney World last week! Thanks to BD's co-worker who has access to a last-minute deals site through her time share ownership, we took advantage of an amazing deal on a 1 bedroom condo on Disney property. We booked the trip only 10 days before we left, which didn't leave much time for planning anything, but we had a fantastic time on our impromptu vacation! 

BD and I haven't been to WDW since our honeymoon in '03, so we were excited about going back and introducing MC to all the fun! MC had a great time and was such a trooper! She did great with the traveling (about 10 hours each way) and slept well in the hotel. She loved all of the rides at the parks. Magic Kingdom has lots of rides that don't have height restrictions, so she was able to get on a bunch of different rides.

One of her favorites was Prince Charming's Carousel, right outside Cinderella's castle. We rode the carousel multiple times each day that we were at Magic Kingdom.

The park was all decorated for Halloween! They were also doing Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween party on some nights, but we didn't even try to get tickets for that since it started after MC's bedtime.

We took her to meet Mickey Mouse at Town Hall Theater. She wasn't too sure about him, but she did let him touch her hand.

We also met Minnie Mouse outside one morning. We just happened to be walking by right as Minnie and Pluto came out to do a meet-and-greet, so we jumped in line.

She wasn't too sure about Minnie either, so after that, we just checked out the other characters from a distance and didn't try to get any pictures with them.

We rode the train all around Magic Kingdom. It was so fun to see WDW through the eyes of a child. Before this trip I didn't even remember that there was a train in Magic Kingdom, but as soon as we walked in the park and heard it whistle, MC wanted to ride the train!

Her other favorite ride was Dumbo the Flying Elephant. We also rode him multiple times each day at Magic Kingdom.

And, of course, she had several chocolate covered ice cream Mickeys! No trip to WDW would be complete without that!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Here are some recent pictures of our girl from August 2014.

Our local grocery store has child-sized shopping carts, and she loves to push them while we shop. On our regular weekly trips, she rides in the cart, but when we go in for a few things, she is thrilled to get to push the "lil bitty buggy". It turns what should be a quick trip into a not-so-quick trip, but she has so much fun!

Helping refill the bird feeders outside. After Kip died, we put up two bird feeders in the back yard, so we would have something to look at out there. MC has really enjoyed watching all the birds and squirrels all summer.

Just awake from her nap and dressed herself for dinner when BD told her we were going out to a restaurant. Outfit includes the hood from her last year's Halloween costume and her rain coat...ready for anything!

She eventually agreed to a dress and a hair bow.

Tuckered out in the car seat before we got to the pool!

Enjoying her first waffle from Waffle House. She was a fan!

Licking the beaters after helping me make a cake.

Our final product - peanut butter cake with dark chocolate frosting topped with Reese's pieces.

Taste-testing our work.

And she approves!

Enjoying an after-nap snack outside in the shade.

Monday, September 22, 2014

2014 Pool Photos

MC and I spent a lot of time at the pool this summer. We had so much fun, and she is really close to swimming on her own.  We went down the big twisty slide approximately 500 times; she jumped off the side to me, and she played with her toys in the shallow water.

I didn't get a lot of pictures from the pool because having a toddler at the pool doesn't leave a lot of free hands for taking pictures we were too busy having fun, and also because I didn't want to bring my nice camera and chance it getting wet. So I was stuck with my the camera on my phone, and usually it was too bright out to see the screen and take pictures. Next year I might save up my pennies and get a waterproof camera for the pool.

The pool closed for the year last week, so here are all the pictures from this season at the pool.  

(Some of these I've posted before, but I wanted them all in one place.)


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Toddler Selfies

MC is obsessed with taking pictures with the camera on my phone, which means I have tons of photos that look like this:

But also occasionally she gets ones like this:

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Fine Motor Skills

As usual, Pinterest is always a good resource for toddler activities! Recently we've been using an uncooked spaghetti noodle and Cheerios to work on our fine motor skills.

Concentrating so hard on the task at hand!

She'd stack a few, then eat a few, then stack a few...we call it Snack N Play!